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Zena Brightening Balance Serum

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Zena Serum
Zena Brightening Balance Serum

A premium brightening serum that evens skin tone, inhibits melanin production that leads to dark spots, promotes wound healing, and hydrates.

A couple of the product heroes:

Tremella, similar to hyaluronic acid, has a smaller particle size;  therefore, it's better able to penetrate the skin.

Tranexamic acid slows down the synthesis of tyrosinase - an enzyme that accelerates the synthesis of melanin, that is, a pigment. Whatever the reason for the pigmentation: hormonal changes (for example, during pregnancy), acne, excess sun exposure - they all activate tyrosinase and lead to the formation of spots on the skin. Tranexamic acid helps block the production of this enzyme.

Apply twice a day to clean skin before moisturizer. 


Zena Serum

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